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A+ chapter 20 Review Questions

Guide to Managing and maintaining your PC.
What is the symbol or icon that represents an Apple product? What is the symbol or icon that represents Android?
Apple, green robot.
What are the last three releases of the Android OS in number and in name?
Ginger (2.3.X), Honeycomb (3.x) Ice Cream Sandwich (4.X)
What company provides and oversees the Android marketplace? What is the web site of this marketplace?
Google. play.google.com
List three Apple devices that use the iOS.
iPads, iPhones, iPods touch
Who is the sole distributor of apps for the iOS?
What is one disadvantage to users when using an open-source operating system on a mobile device?
High- quality, bugfree apps, and developers are not assured of a convenient market for their apps.
Which mobile device OS supports an SD card and USB port, iOS or Android?
Android support SD cards and USB port.
Which programming language is used to write most Android apps? Apple requires that iOS apps be written in one of which three programming languages?
Java for Androids. Objective C, -C, C+
How can you configured a mobile device so it cannot connect to any network?
Disable the airplane Mode
Which type of network connection requires that two devices pair before the connection is completed?
Bluetooth PIN code
Which email protocol downloads email to be managed on the client machine? Manages email on the server?
IMAP manages email on the server. POP downloads emails to be managed on the client machine.
Which mail protocol uses port 110? 143? 993? 995?
110=POP, 995= POP over SSL, 143= IMAP, 993= IMAP over SSL.
Which security protocol is used to encrypt email?
SSL to secure email in transit using encryption.
Which email server uses ActiveSync to sync all email, contacts, and calendar updates on the server and client machines, including mobile devices?
Microsoft Exchange
What software must be installed on your computer before you can upgrade the version of iOS on your mobile device?
iTunes Software. 200 MB free Hard drive.
What are the steps to configure an iPhone so it can located if it is lost?
Go to my iCloud.com/find and sign in with your Apple ID. A map will show your device's reported position as a green dot. play a sound if it necessary.
another way is to click on the Remote Lock to remotely set a pass code lock.
In addition you can perform a Remote Wipe which erase all contacts, email, photos. once you find it you can restore it from your backup.
How many failed logins on an iPad must happen before the device is locked?
10 times
Which procedure is the least- intrusive solution to a problem with the iOS, reset an iOS device or to restore an iOS device?
Reset the phone
When you attempt to set up an email account on an Android device using the automatic configuration feature and the setup fails, what do you do next?
Automatically configure account unchecked.
List the steps to update the Android OS on a smartphone.
settings-about tablet/iPhone-system updates.
What are the three methods you can use on an Android to lock the screen? Which method is the most secure?
Pattern-PIN, Password.
Which type of client-side virtualization creates a virtual environment in memory for an application to run on a client machine?
in Question 22, what Microsoft software can be used to create this environment?
List two types of hypervisors and describe their fundamental differences.
What are the three main ways to secure a VM?