Earth Science Chapter 1

An educated guess
Scientific method
Problem solving procedure
a process of observing, studying, and thinking about things in the world to gain knowledge
Step 1 of the Scientific Method
Identify a question to be answered or a problem to be solved
Step 2 of the Scientific Method
Gather and organize information - research
Step 3 of the Scientific Method
Make or form a hypothesesis - a possible explanation based on previous knowledge and observation
Step 4 of the Scientific Method
Test the hypothesis - use an investigation to make observations and collect data
Step 5 of the Scientific Method
Analyze the results - determine the meaning of the observations and investigation results. Think critically to determine what the data mean.
Step 6 of the Scientific Method
Draw conclusions about the data collected.
Earth Science
the study of the Earth and space
different factors that can change in an experiment
independent variable
factor that changes in an experiment
dependent variable
the variable being measured
a standard to which your results can be compoared
the use of scientific discoveries for practical purposes
Scientific theory
an explanation or model backed by results obtained from many tests or experiments
Scientific law
A rule that describes the behavior of something in nature
The study of moral values about what is good or bad
Personal opinion