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How do you indent?
Hit the tab button.
The correct way t
o spell the word that means "to let" or "give permission" (aloud or allowed)
What are the two ways you can indicate that a text is a book?
italics or underline
What are three rules about thesis statements?
1) Can not be a question.
2) Must not be a fact.
3) It is the last sentence of the 1st paragraph.
Introductory words are followed by...
a comma
What are some introductory words?
Additionally, Also, Furthermore, For example, Finally,
What is an appositive?
An appositive is a group of words that describes a noun that precedes it. It can be removed from the sentence and the sentence still make sense.
Where do the commas go in this appositive:
The teacher Mrs. Chandler is our favorite.
The teacher, Mrs. Chandler, is our favorite.
Quotes must begin with an...
introductory phrase (The author writes, Jonas says, Lowery explains, )
Which one is group ownership?
their (their house)
Which one means they are?
they're (they are)
Which one means a place?
There (has the word here in it)
What is the acceptable font size for an essay?
11 or 12 point font
What are the formatting rules for an essay?
Double spaced
no spaces between paragraphs
italicize titles
Thesis is the last sentence
The name of the doc should contain your name
1 tab is equal to ______ spaces
To use a semi-colon, you must have a ________________________________ on either side.
The boy left home; the house was empty.
You can also use a semi-colon with a connector. Name some connectors.
; therefore,
; on the other hand,
; consequently,
; subsequently,
Red underlining means...
a word is spelled incorrectly
Two sentences can be correctly combined by:
1) using a comma and FANBOYS
The boy ate hot dogs for dinner, but his sister ate a salad.
2) semi-colon and connector
The boy ate hot dogs for dinner; however, his sister ate a salad.
If two sentences are fused together without a comma FANBOY or a semi-colon, you can
separate them into two sentences
1)The boy ate a hot dog.
2) His sister ate a salad.
If the page number of a quote is in a sentence, where does the period go for that sentence?
Inside the ending quotation marks:
On page 70, Jonas said, "There is no love here."
If the page number is in parenthesis at the end of the sentence, where does the period go?
After the parenthesis:
Jonas said," There is no love here" (70).
How do you indicate page number?
In the sentence or at the end in parenthesis (without the word page or pg, just the number)
The contraction for you are.
Ownership, meaning that something belongs to you.
Is this non-fiction or fiction?
The better literary term for main character is:
When there is a list, how/where do you place the commas?
She ate ham, eggs, and toast for breakfast.