1.7 System Software - GCSE OCR 9-1


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Systems Software
A type of software that controls the computers hardware
Systems Software provides an interface between the user of the computer and the ???
Operating System
A type of Systems Software
Utility Programs
Disk Defragmentation Tool, Anti-Virus Software, Disk Copier/Formatter and Data Compression are all?
Device Drivers
Graphics Card and Network Interface Card are both .....
Operating System
This provides an interface between the user and the hardware.
Virtual Machine
When a computer hides the complexities of the hardware from the user it is said to be a
Process Management
It may allocate a small "time slice" to each separate process so that it appears that many processes are taking place at the same time (multitasking). This is known as ....
Completing more than one task at once.
By giving the processor a small time slice for each task means that all tasks appear to be ????? at the same time
To the user it appears that we can ???? and have lots of programs open at once.
User Interface
Command Line is a type of ?
Command Line Interface
Users text e.g. DOS in order to allow users to interact with the Operating System.
Graphical User Interface
Windows, Android, Mac OS are types of ?
The OS allocates ????? between the different programs that are open at the same time
Operating System
The purpose of the ????? is to manage where in the memory data is being held?
A piece of software used to control a piece of hardware.
Drivers allow a ???? device to be connected to a computer and it be used by an Operating System.
??? are available for graphics cards, mouse, sound card, network interface cards
Peripheral Management
The way in which Operating Systems manage the way in which hardware interacts with software is known as
A peripheral is a piece of hardware that is not ???? connected to the CPU
A keyboard, a mouse or even a hard disk drive are all?
Disable or Update Drivers
An Operating System can ???? of all the peripheral devices which are connected to the computer.
File Management
An Operating System must identify where files are stored for long term storage on for e.g. the hard disk drive or a solid state drive. This is known as
Specific Track, Sector and Surface Address
The Operating System in order to accurately locate a file on the hard disk drive needs to know.
To ???? a file - means to reduce the size of the file.
The original file can be re-created as no data is lost is known as
Some of the original data is lost and the original file can not be re-created
When new files are saved - the files fill the gaps and become ???
A piece of software which groups fragmented files back together
As files are deleted - this leaves
When new files are saved - the files ???? the gaps and become fragmented
To scramble data in a way that it is unreadable to anybody who doesn't have a key to be able to unscramble this is known as ...
Data is encrypted using a ???? and then decrypted using a ????
If an encrypted message is intercepted it will be....
A way of restoring files/data/programs in case of computer failure
Copies of data and/or software are taken regularly and usually stored in a different location
Disaster Recovery
Ensures that if computers are stolen or damaged in for e.g. a fire or a natural disaster that data can be restored and a company do not lose much money. This is known also as.
Full & Incremental
Types of Backups
Full Backup
When a copy of all data and software on the hard disk drive / server is copied to a backup medium (e.g. an external hard disk drive / DVD-R) and the medium is kept at a different location
This is known as ???
Full Backup
Takes a long time to write as well as a long time as it restores all the data and programs.
Incremental Backup
Each night only the files which have been changed since the last incremental back-up are copied but in order for this to happen a full back up is made initially.
Incremental Backup
Much faster but takes much longer to restore as a full back up would need restoring first and then every incremental back-up since the last full back up.