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frontal (1)

forms the forehead and bony sockets that contain the eyes

parietal (2)

form the roof and upper part of the side of the cranium

temporal (2)

form the lower sides and base of the cranium

temporomandibular joint (TMJ)

the area of connection between the temporal and mandibular bones

mastoid process

a round process of the temporal bone behind the ear

styloid process

projects downward from the temporal bone


a projection on a bone for muscle attachment

occipital bone (1)

forms the back and base of the skull and joins the parietal and temporal bones

sphenoid bone (1)

a bat-shaped bone that extends behind the eyes and forms part of the base of the skull

ethmoid bone (1)

a thin delicate cancellous bone that forms the nasal cavity and part of the orbits of the eyes

nasal bones (2)

small bones that form the upper part of the bridge of the nose

maxillary bones (2)

upper jaw bones that help form the roof of the mouth

zygomatic bones (2)

one on each side of the face that form the high portion of the cheek

mandibular bone (1)

the lower jaw bone

lacrimal bones (2)

small bones that help form the eye sockets and the side wall of the nasal cavity

palatine bones (2)

form the back part of the roof of the mouth and the floor and side walls of the nose

inferior concha (2)

form the ledge along the inside of the side wall of the nose, below the middle concha

vomer (1)

forms the lower, back part of the nasal septum

malleus (2)

hammer, bone in the middle-ear cavity

incus (2)

anvil, bone in the middle-ear cavity

stapes (2)

stirrup, bone in the middle-ear cavity

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