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The Road to Revolution part 1

a written ordinance of Congress, or another legislative body; a statute.
withdraw from commercial or social relations with (a country, organization, or person) as a punishment or protest.
a person sent or authorized to represent others, in particular an elected representative sent to a conference.
First Continental Congress
The First Continental Congress was a meeting of delegates from twelve of the Thirteen Colonies who met from September 5 to October 26, 1774 at Carpenters' Hall in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania early in the American Revolution.
bring (goods or services) into a country from abroad for sale.
deliberately and violently kill (a large number of people).
(in the UK) the highest legislature, consisting of the sovereign, the House of Lords, and the House of Commons (people that make laws).
a public or official announcement, especially one dealing with a matter of great importance.
a statement or action expressing disapproval of or objection to something.
revoke or annul (to get rid of or take back) a law or congressional act.
taxation without representation
A slogan of the Revolutionary War and the years before. The colonists were not allowed to choose representatives to parliament in London, which passed the laws under which they were taxed.

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