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  1. Johann Gutenberg
  2. secular
  3. predestination
  4. Peace of Augsburg
  5. Reformation
  1. a a religious movement of the 16th century that began as an attempt to reform the Roman Catholic Church and resulted in the creation of Protestant churches
  2. b 1555 agreement declaring that the religion of each German state would be decided by its ruler
  3. c worldly; not pertaining to church matters or religion; temporal
  4. d the belief that what happens in human life has already been determined by some higher power
  5. e German printer who was the first in Europe to print using movable type and the first to use a press (1400-1468)

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  1. the everyday speech of the people (as distinguished from literary language)
  2. three dimensions on a flat surface
  3. Also known as the Society of Jesus; founded by Ignatius Loyola (1491-1556) as a teaching and missionary order to resist the spread of Protestantism.
  4. a body of religious teachings based on the ideas of the reformer John Calvin
  5. the remission by the pope of the temporal punishment in purgatory that is still due for sins even after absolution

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  1. utopiaa member of a Protestant church founded on the teachings of Martin Luther


  2. Anabaptistduring the Reformation, a Protestant group that believed in baptizing only those persons who were old enough to decide to be Christian and in separation of church and state.


  3. humanisman intellectual movement at the heart of the Renaissance that focused on education and the classics


  4. Presbyteriana member of a Protestant Church governed by elders (Presbyters) and founded on the teachings of John Knox


  5. RenaissanceThe great period of rebirth in art, literature, and learning in the 14th-16th centuries, which marked the transition into the modern periods of European history