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  1. Buffer
  2. Hydrolysis
  3. Neutralization reaction
  4. Elements
  5. protons
  1. a A water molecule is added to each bond, the bond is broken and releases simple sugars.
  2. b The type of exchange reaction in which an acid and a base interact.
  3. c Atomic particles with a positive charge.
  4. d Regulates the acid base balance in the body.
  5. e Unique substances that cannot be broken down into simpler substances by ordinary chemical methods.

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  1. A substance that can release hydrogen ions (H+) in detectable amounts. having a sour taste and can dissolve many metals of burn a hole in your rug. pH below 7
  2. The ability to do work or to put matter into motion.
  3. Substances that conduct an electrical current in solutions.
  4. Hydroxides ionize and dissociate in water releasing hydroxyl ions (OH-)
  5. Determine what type of or

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  1. MatterThe building blocks of elements.


  2. valence shellOrbits or fixed regions of space around the nucleus that electrons occupy.


  3. IonsA large group of organic compounds - contain carbon, hydrogen and oxygen with more carbon and hydrogens than oxygens.


  4. radioisotopesHeavier isotopes of certain atoms are unstable and tend to decompose to become more stable.


  5. IsotopesAtomic particles with a positive charge.