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  1. Exchange reactions
  2. Buffer
  3. protons
  4. Electrons
  5. Neutralization reaction
  1. a Atomic particles with a positive charge.
  2. b Negatively charged atomic particles.
  3. c The type of exchange reaction in which an acid and a base interact.
  4. d Regulates the acid base balance in the body.
  5. e Involve both synthesis and decomposition reactions. AB+C->AC+B and AB+CD->AD+CB

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  1. number given to an element equal to the number of protons its atoms contain.
  2. The building blocks of elements.
  3. Bond formed when electrons are completely transferred from one atom to another.
  4. Hydroxides ionize and dissociate in water releasing hydroxyl ions (OH-)
  5. Carbon containing compounds.

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  1. Nucleic Acidssmall molecules that are the building blocks of proteins.


  2. CompoundWhen two or more different atoms bind together to form a molecule.


  3. reactantAtomic particles with a positive charge.


  4. NeutronsUncharged, or neutral atomic particles.


  5. HydrolysisA water molecule is added to each bond, the bond is broken and releases simple sugars.