Part 107 (Important Numbers)

The number of drones you can fly simultaneously.
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Time that must pass after a final narcotics conviction.1 yearThe youngest person who can register a drone.13 years oldHow long this certification is good for.24 monthsThe twilight time before sunrise or after sunset when you can still fly.30 minutesThe distance your anti-collision lights must be visible from when flying during twilight. Also the minimum visibility you must have while flying.3 statute milesMinimum number of feet below a cloud you must fly.500 feetMinimum number of feet horizontally from a cloud you must fly.2,000 feetThe repair cost of accident damage that requires you to report an accident to the FAA$500The "serious injury" AIS level that requires you to file an accident report.Level 3The MULTICOM frequency for self-announce procedures.122.9The distance you should operate from a tower to avoid hitting guy wires.2000 feet