Part 107 (The Facts)

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InvulnerabilityThinking accidents won't happen to you.ResignationWhat's the use? They don't control their destiny.Anti-authorityNobody can tell me what to do.Crew Resource Management (CRM)It's how you manage your "crew" and you should integrate it into all phases of the operation.Systematically focus on different segments of the sky for short intervalsThat's how you should scan for traffic-let your eyes rest in different areas for a while, rather than continuously scanning.Latitudeis like climbing a ladder (north-south)Longitudeis the long way around the planet (the Earth is fat cuz it spins)Standard briefingContains the weather forecast.CTAF vs UNICOM vs MULTICOM vs AWOSAWOS is weather. CTAF is for pilots to talk to each other when there's no tower. UNICOM is a base station that broadcasts to pilots when there's no tower. MULTICOM is used as the CTAF when there's no CTAF (122.9 or 122.95).