Gross Anatomy #1

Cartilage (Chondro)
Tough, but flexible tissue, can withstand considerable degree of pressure and shearing forces, avascular, slow healing repair rate
Hyaline Cartilage
Most common, supprt reinforcement, cushioning, resist compressive forces, growth of long bones
Ex- larynx, trachea, bronchi, ends of ribs, joint surfaces (articular cartilage), nasal septum, epiphyseal plate, embryonic skeleton
Elastic Cartilage
Elastic fibers and characteristics, flexible, maintains shape
Ex- external ear, epiglottis
Shock absorber, firm support with tensile strength
Ex- inervertebral discs, manubriosternal joint, TMJ, meniscus
Dense irregular connective tissue, helps nourish cartilage, creates new cartilage along surface, found around all cartilage except articular cartilage
Functions Bone
Protect vital organs, support/framework of body, shock absorption, provides movement, hematopoiesis, storage for mineral salts
Bone tissue components
Inorganic-mineral salts
Organic matrix- consits of collagen fibers, proteoglycans, glycoproteins,
Highly vascularized
Dynamic tissue continuously being reorganized
Structural unit of compact bone, parallel to long axis of bone
concentric layers of bone matrix, collagen fibers run in same direction for each lamella
Bone cells within matrix, maintain health of bone
Central Canal
Blood vessels and nerves
Dense, irregular connective tissue, surrounds bones, nourish external protion of bones, provides attachment for tendons and ligaments
Long Bone
longer than wide, ie humerus
Short BOne
cuboidal shape, ie carpals
Flat Bone
Protection, ie ribs, skull, sternum
Irregular Bone
unusual shpae, ie vertebra, scapula
Sesamoid Bone
Bone within tendon, ie patella
Axial Skeleton
Skull, vertebral column, thorax
Appendicular Skeleton
Upper and lower extremities, pectoral and pelvic girdles
Fibrous Joints
NO joint capsule, joint cavity
Bones come together held together with seam, sheet connective tissue
Ex- Suture (skull), Syndesmosis, Gomphosis
Cartilaginous Joints
NO joint capsule, joint cavity
Primary (synchondrosis)- bar or plate of hyaline cartilae unites bones
Secondary (symphysis)- fibrocartilage between joints
Synovial Joints
Joint capsule, joint cavity, most movement overall, MOST common, fluid filled vaity, fibrous capsule
Ex- Plane, Hinge, Saddle, Condyloid, Ball and Socket, Pivot (named by how look)
Skeletal Muscle
Cardiac Muscle
Smooth Muscle
Bundle of skeletal muscle fibers, arrangement of fascicles determines shape and function of skeletal muscles
Ex- parallel, pennate, triangular, convergent, quadrate, circular