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  1. Sesamoid Bone
  2. Long Bone
  3. Axial Skeleton
  4. Cartilaginous Joints
  5. Periosteum
  1. a longer than wide, ie humerus
  2. b NO joint capsule, joint cavity
    Primary (synchondrosis)- bar or plate of hyaline cartilae unites bones
    Secondary (symphysis)- fibrocartilage between joints
  3. c Dense, irregular connective tissue, surrounds bones, nourish external protion of bones, provides attachment for tendons and ligaments
  4. d Skull, vertebral column, thorax
  5. e Bone within tendon, ie patella

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  1. Protect vital organs, support/framework of body, shock absorption, provides movement, hematopoiesis, storage for mineral salts
  2. ...
  3. ...
  4. NO joint capsule, joint cavity
    Bones come together held together with seam, sheet connective tissue
    Ex- Suture (skull), Syndesmosis, Gomphosis
  5. Bundle of skeletal muscle fibers, arrangement of fascicles determines shape and function of skeletal muscles
    Ex- parallel, pennate, triangular, convergent, quadrate, circular

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  1. Short BOnecuboidal shape, ie carpals


  2. Synovial JointsJoint capsule, joint cavity, most movement overall, MOST common, fluid filled vaity, fibrous capsule
    Ex- Plane, Hinge, Saddle, Condyloid, Ball and Socket, Pivot (named by how look)


  3. Flat BoneProtection, ie ribs, skull, sternum


  4. Elastic CartilageElastic fibers and characteristics, flexible, maintains shape
    Ex- external ear, epiglottis


  5. Hyaline CartilageMost common, supprt reinforcement, cushioning, resist compressive forces, growth of long bones
    Ex- larynx, trachea, bronchi, ends of ribs, joint surfaces (articular cartilage), nasal septum, epiphyseal plate, embryonic skeleton


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