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A quizlet over chapter 1 of the book: America Land I Love (in Christian Perspective [Second Edition])


The first Christian emperor of Rome. Also the founder of Constantinople.

Christopher Columbus

In 1492 he took three ships to sail to the Indies to prove that the earth was round. He was funded by Ferdinand and Isabelle, the Spanish king and queen.

Leif Ericson

1,000 AD He was a Viking that landed on the shores of North America.

Marco Polo

The first European to travel the length of Asia. The European people became interested in Asia after he wrote about it.

Johann Gutenberg

created the moveable type printing press in 1440

Prince Henry

the Navigator from Portugal In the mid 1400s founded a navigation school and sent out several ships to explore the west coast of Africa

Bartholomew Dias

by 1488 he reached the Cape of Good Hope at the Southern Tip of Africa

Vasco da Gama

sailed around Africa to India and opened a trade route

Martin Luther

Put up the 95 thesis which were against the sales of indulgences. Roman Catholic Monk, protested the false doctrines of the church by nailing his 95 theses on the door, which were against the sales of indulgence.

John Calvin

made Predestination

Henry VIII of England

Had lots of wives, but couldnt get a son

Americo Vespucci

the first person to realize that Columbus had discovered a new continent and America was named after him. 1451 to 1512

Vasco de Balboa

Crossed the isthmus of Panama and discovered the Pacific Ocean in 1513

Ferdinand Magellan

in 1592 he sailed around the world and proved once and for all that it was round.

Hernando Cortes

Conquered the Aztec Indians of Mexico in 1519-1521

Francisco Pizarro

Conquered the Inca Indians of Peru in 1533 and forced them to work in mines.

Francisco Coronado

1540 traveled northward from Mexico searching for the Seven Cities of Gold. He discovered Grand Canyon.

Hernando de Soto

He explored Florida, Georgia, NC & SC and Tennessee 1539-1540. In May 1541 he found the Mississippi.

Juan Cabrillo

Helped open California to the Spanish in 1442.

Elizabeth I

Queen of England- under her rule England and spain when to war at sea. She was the daughter of Henry VIII. Queen from 1558-1603. Last of the Tudor Dynasty

Phillip II

The king of Spain and under his rule Spain became the most powerful nation in the world. King from 1556-1598

Jacques Cartier

Discovered the St. Lawrence River 1534-1535 Expedition French Explorer who discovered Country of the Canadas—the Gulf of Lawrence and the shores of the St. Lawrence River.

Samuel de Champlain

founded the first permanent French settlement in Quebec in 1608.

Iroquois Confederation

The main group of Indians that the French did not ally with or get along with.


wars fought with the purpose of driving the Muslims out of the Holy Land and restoring it to Christendom (The nations that professed to be Christians) AD1,000- 1,300.


early 1,300s, Rebirth of learning, emphasized the abilities of mankind and ignored God.

95 Theses

made by Martin Luther to protest against the sale of indulgences and the false doctrines of the church


the thought by John Calvin that we are chosen by God for our salvation

El Camino Real

the first road in the US that was traveled in 1518 from Santa Fe and Chihuahua, Mexico


was a legal system that was employed mainly by the Spanish crown during the Spanish colonization of the Americas to regulate Native American labor and autonomy. (basically a legal form of slavery)


Reformation (also the Catholic Revival or Catholic Reformation) was the period of Catholic revival beginning with the Council of Trent (1545-1563) and ending at the close of the

Thirty Years' War

(1648), which is sometimes considered a response to the Protestant Reformation.

Northwest Passage

a passage that everyone thought would connect the Atlantic to the Pacific but it wasn't there.


French protestants that established Charles Fort on the coast of SC and Fort Caroline of the coast of Florida.


a religion created by Henry VIII

New Spain

California and Mexico

New France

Canada, the great lakes region and the Mississippi valley

Norsemen Vikings

lived in Europe very early on, first Europeans to go to American. The raided the seas in their ships.

Rise of European Middle Class

they weren't very rich or very poor (this became a class around the crusades)

Voyages of Columbus

Funded by Ferdinand and Isabella, Christopher Columbus went to prove that the Earth was round.

St. Augustine

The first permanent European settlement in the New World.

Defeat of the Armada

there were storms so Elizabeth's armada defeated Philip II's

Impact of the Crusades on Exploration

Many new devices that helped exploration were invented: compass, better maps, improved rudders, etc

Overall impacts of the printing press

it helped bibles be translated and mass-produced

Impact of the Reformation on Exploration

The English would be strongly influenced by the Word of God while colonizing America.

Relations with the Native Americans by Spanish and French

The Spanish used them as slaves, but the French allied with them, and even married them.

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