Chapter 12

Black Death
A form of bubonic plague that killed 1/4 of Europe's population from 1347-1351
Whipping oneself/others to show religious devotion
Hundred Years War
A series of wars fought between England and France from 1337-1453, ending in England losing all French territories but Calais
Joan of Arc
French military leader whose religious visions helped her organize French resistance in the Hundred Years War and allowed Charles VII to be crowned king
Code of conduct used by knights in the Middle Ages
6 foot long bow developed by the English in the Hundred Years War; it shot 3 times faster than a cross bow and could pierce most armor
Babylonian Captivity
The transfer of all popes to Avignon, France from 1309-1377
Great Schism
A period of division in the Roman Catholic Church over papl succession from 1378-1417; there were multiple people claiming papal office
John Wyclif
English theologian who disagreed with the Roman Catholic Church, especially in regard to papl claims of power
Furcollar Crime
Crimes committed by nobles returning from war who were in need of money
A sport where a dog fights a bear
A process where inner cities become isolated centers of poverty and the wealthy move to suburban areas
Vernacular Literature
Literature not written in Latin, usually used to make a statement