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What are the reasons the Stock Market crashed on Black Tuesday, October 20, 1929?
Stock prices climbed higher.
Sellers sold millions of shares on the New York Stock Exchange.
Speculation over the high prices of the stocks.
What caused the economic prosperity in the US during the 1920's?
Increased spending and borrowing among consumers. (People spent and borrowed more money than ever before.)
good times :)
What was life like for American farmers during the 1920's?
Overproduction of crops kept prices too low for farmers to make large profits.
What was the purpose of the Civilian Conservation Corps during The Great Depression?
Enroll young men to work on flood control, soil conservation, and forest projects.
What was the purpose of the Lend-Lease Bill?
To lend supplies to the Allies during World War 2.
Which plan stated that the United States would provide financial assistance to Europe to help recover from World War 2?
Marshall Plan
What did the American people think at the beginning of World War 2?
They were determined not to become involved in the war at all.
Which event caused the United States to join World War 2?
Japan's bombing of Pearl Harbor?
Which world event was the cause of the problems listed in FDR's first inaugural speech?
The Great Depression
What is a famous line from FDR's first inaugural speech?
"The only thing to fear is fear itself."
What island is Churchill referring to when he says "we shall defend our Island"?
United Kingdom (Great Britain/England)
To whom is Churchill referring to as he repeats "we shall" throughout his speech?
All British people
Where was Churchill speaking when he gave his "We Shall Fight on the Beaches" speech?
British Parliament
What battle were the Allied forces about to embark on when Eisenhower gave his speech on June 6, 1944?
What countries were part of the ALLIED forces during World War 2?
What countries were part of the AXIS forces during World War 2?
Name some uses for the ocean.
1) Form of transportation
2) Food source
3) Importing and exporting goods
What are most major cities in the United States located near?
Rivers or oceans.
What are some ways that humans can change the environment?
1) Building roads for transportation.
2) Building a dam to store water.
3) Building housing for people to live.
How can people change the environment to make it better?
Plant trees to replace ones cut down.
What innovation allowed Henry Ford to build cars more efficiently?
Assembly Lines
Assembly Lines
At each step, a worker adds something to make the product.
The amount of a good or service that is available to consumers.
How much you are willing to pay for a good or service.
Supply and Demand
The fewer items available, the more you are willing to pay.
When product price goes up--
demand for the product goes down.
The more an item costs--
fewer people are willing to purchase it.
If you wanted to start a shipping business, where would you need to live?
Near the ocean.
What is the process of clearing away trees called?
What is it called when the government takes control of an industry?
During the 1800's, which product did the Caribbean Islands depend on for almost all its jobs and income?
Sugar Cane
What is it called when a country depends on one product for jobs and income?
Single-product economy
How does the Amazon rain forest covering much of South America affect the settlement of the South American countries?
They had to build settlements along the coastline.
What geographic feature allows for South America to have some of the largest farms in the world?
Fertile soil
Gross Domestic Product
The total value of goods and services produced within the borders of a country during a specific time period, usually one year.
Which country in South America has the largest Gross Domestic Product?
Which geographic feature is the reasons for the large tourism industry in the Caribbean Islands?
Bringing in goods from another country is called what?
Sending goods to another country is called what?
What is the name of the farms that peasants in the Soviet Union were forced to work on that were government owned during the 1930's?
Collective Farms
Not having enough of one resource is called what?
In the Pledge of Allegiance, what does the word indivisible mean?
Unable to be divided
Greg Abbott- Governor of Texas
Who is this?
What is the name of the national anthem of the US?
The Star-Spangled Banner
What is a technology product made in Texas that is exported to places int eh US and the world?
What is a result of technological advances in communications?
Increased interdependence among Texas, the US, and the world.
What is an agreement that gets rid of taxes charged on goods imported from other countries?
A relationship between countries in which they rely on one another for resources, goods, or services
Texas Flag
What is this?

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