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A form of government in which the people choose leaders


Male exercises majority of authority in decisions in the family


Women exercises more authority in decisions in the family

nuclear family

Includes parents, children, and siblings (brother/sister)

mixed economy

individuals make some economic decisions and governments make others


worship of one god


an inborn impulse or tendency to perform certain acts or behaviour


worship of more than one god

social class

ranking people that may be based on money, occupation, education


a tybe of government in which people have the supreme power

traditional economy

people produce most of what they need to survive

market economy

individuals answer basic economic questions by buying and selling goods


one ruler or group holds all government power

command economy

government controls what/how goods are produced and what they will cost

extended family

includes grandparents, aunts and uncles, cousins nieces and nephews


the most important unit of social organization


transmitted from generation to generation; used to cope

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