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Dr. ligorano has devoted his professional life to researching the desires and needs that energize and direct behavior. His area of research has obviously been
all the above
an instinctive behavior is one that is
infant sucking
contemporary psychologists are most likely to consider to be a human instinct.
d. genetic predispositions
like evolutionary psychology, instinct theory most clearly assumed that behavior is influenced by
it is characteristic of robins to build nests. This is an example of
which of the following refers to a physiological state that usually triggers a state of motivational arousal
lack of sufficient oxygen intake is an example of
aroused or activated state usually a physiological need
a drive refers to
need is to drive
lack of body fluids is to thirst as
the body's tendency to maintain a constant internal state is know as
staying the same
the term homeostasis literally means
maintain homeostasis
when we are too hot, we perspire in order to lower our body temperature and thereby
drive reduction theory
which theory most clearly emphasizes the importance of homeostasis in motivation
positive or negative that motivates behavior
an incentive is a
low blood glucose level
which of the following is most clearly not an example of an incentive
insensitive on motivation
the influence of personal and cultural experience on our wants and desires can most clearly be seen in the influence of
insensitive is to drive
a thick, juicy hamburger is to hunger as
the arousal theory of motivation would be most useful for explaining an infant's urge to
d. drive reduction arousal
the desire to avoid stress is to theory as the desire to avoid boredom is to
Hierarchy of motives
Professor Sanford explains that the need for physical safety must be met before city dwellers will be motivation to form close friendships with fellow citizens. Professor sanford is providing an example:
food love
According to Maslow, our need for ____must be met before we are prompted to satisfy our need for
good grades in school love and safety
Maslow's hierarchy of needs suggests that people are unlikely to be motivated to obtain if they are deprived of
spend a great deal of time day dreaming about food
prisoners of war place on a semistarvation diet in which their food intake is cut in half are likely to
rats whose stomachs are remove continue to eat regularly
in looking at the relationship between hunger and conditions of the stomach, researchers have discovered that
decreased insulin
Blood glucose levels are by increases in the hormone
erexin ____blood glucose
Increases in ____increases hunger, whereas increases in ____decreases hunger.
huger controls are located within the brain's
pupil contraction
which of the following is not one of the basic components of emotion indentified in the text
simultaneous w/ arousal
according to the cannon-bard theory, the experience of emotion
sympathetic nervous system is related to the cortex.
according to the cannon-bard theory, body arousal is related to the subjective awareness of emotion in the same way the
neither (non of the above
according to the cannon-bard theory of emotion
2 factor theory
which theory states that emotion results from the cognitive labeling of our physiological arousal
experience of emotion grows by body emotion
both the james- lange and the two-factor theories of emotion maintain that
2 factor theory
When students perceive the arousal that accompanies test-taking as energizing rather than debilitating, they experience much less anxiety. This is best understood in terms of the:
2 factor theory
Vaseem experienced excessive fear while flying b/c he interpreted his rapid heart rate, shallow breathing, and heavy perspiration as a reaction to the imminent danger of a plane crash. When his shrink convinced him that this physical arousal was simply a harmless reaction to acceleration, cabin pressure, and confined space, his fear of flying was greatly reduced. The reduction in vaseem's fear is best understood in terms of the
increase in blood sugar levels
An inexperienced pilot prepares for an emergency landing after her single engine plane loses power. Her emotional arousal is likely to be accompanied by
During a state of emotional arousal, the adrenal glands release ____into the bloodstream.
Sympathetic Nervous System
Which division of the nervous system arouses the body and movilise its energy in emotionally stressful situations
Sympathetic Nervous System (fight or flight)
walking home from work late one night, jaydra suddenly hears footstops behind her:
Parasympathetic Nervous System
Turning in at her street domique saw six fire trucks in front of her apartment building. Her heart eat wildy until someone yelled "just a false alarm":
Slows heart rate and accelerates digestion.
activation of the parasympathetic nervous system
higher on well learned tasked
the level of arousal typically associated with optimal performance tends to be
do well ____moderate.
43. Lillian will be taking an entrance exam for law school this afternoon. She is likely to ____ on the exam if her physiological arousal is
Nicholas, a high school junior is on both the track and golf teams. A high level of physiological arousal is likely to ______his running the 100-meter dash and
pattern automatic arousal
the emotions of anger and fear involve similar
Observers watching fearful faces show more brain activity in the
relatively high levels of physiological arousal would be most likely to improve performance in a
different emotions involve different activation of different brain circuits
research on the physiological states accompanying specific emotions indicates that
right frontal lobe activation is to left frontal lobe activation.
Emotional disgust is to emotional delight as
a small cluster of neurons, the nucleus accumbens, is highly active when people experience
James Lanch
which theory would be most threatened by evidence that highly similar patterns of physiological activity are associated with uniquely different emotional states:
Cannon Bear
evidence that neck-level spinal cord injuries reduce the intensity with which people experience certain emotions most directly refutes the
hohmann discovered that the _______an individual's spinal cord injury, the more feelings of anger tended to______in intensity following
heart rate
54. polygraph measures the changes in ____that accompany emotion_
anxiety, irritation and guilty feeling...
one problem with the use of polygraph for lie detection is that
error 1/3 of the time
research on the accuracy of lie detector tests indicate that they
relation deprivation
Although newspaper reported that a murder victim had been stabbed with a knife, two police investigators knew that the actual murder weapon was a letter opener. While carefully monitoring the changes in heart rate and perspiration level of a prime suspect, the investigators asked him I he typically used a letter opener on his mail the investigators were making use of the
innocent victims are seldom judged guilty
when guilty knowledge tests are used with enough specific probes
increase ______decrease
when an organism's weight falls below its set point, the organism is likely to experience a______in hunger and a ______ in its basal metabolic rate
Two Factor Theory
Astrid was emotionally aroused by a TV horror movie. She became extremely angry when her younger brother momentarily blocked her view of the screen. When her movie viewing was interrupted by a phone call from her boyfriend however, she experienced
US Secret Service
University students who watched either an enjoyable or an emotionally upsetting film were instructed to talk and act as if they were enjoying the film. Of the following groups, which was best at detecting whether students were lying about their true emotions:
same throughout the world
the facial expressions associated with particular emotions are
facial expression
As a member of the diplomatic corps, Alex was given special training in the customs, language, and religion of the third world country where he would be living. However, Alex probably needed little training to correctly interpret his host's expressions of emotion
Charles Darwin
who suggested that a sneer retains elements of baring one's teeth so as to threaten predators
North Americans are more likely than Japanese citizens to display their feelings openly. This cultural difference best reflects the American culture's greater emphasis on
James Lanch
the suggestion that a happy face creates a merry soul is most consistent with th
increasing intense feelings of fear
If you grimace in fear while taking a difficult exam, this facial expression is likely to causes you to experience
facial feed back
researchers have found that people experience cartoons as more amusing while holding a pen with their teeth than while holding it with their lips:
faster heart rate
students who made a pained facial expression when they observed someone apparently received an electric shock experienced
the emotion of sadness is characterized by negative valence and
learn to fear things naturally painful, traumatic experience
people are fearful of so many different objects and events because
observational learning
in experiments with adult monkeys who were fearful of snakes and their offspring who were not, susan mineka discovered that:
which brain structure has been found to be especially important in learning to fear specific objects
genetic predispositions
individual differences in temperament suggests that the exp