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According to John Locke, what is the state of nature?
A time in which no government or laws existed.
According to Locke, what is the only way that a government can be considered legitimate?
With the consent of the people.
What was the title of John Locke's writing about government and natural rights?
The Two Treatises of Government
According to Locke, what is the only way a government can be legitimate?
With the consent of the people.
Locke explains that people gain ___________, by agreeing to a Social Contract.
According to Locke, where do your rights come from?
God/our Creator
What is the Social Contract, according to Locke?
Protects people's rights
When did John Locke live?
In a Social Contract, Locke explains that people have to give up what?.
Some of your rights
What are your natural rights, according to John Locke?
Life, Liberty, and Property
According to Locke, what is the biggest problem with the state of nature if there are no laws or government?
People's rights aren't secure
Define the word unalienable.
Something that can't be taken away
Define the word endowed.
Been given something
Define self evident
Obvious without needing proof
Who were the members of the committee who were assigned to write the Declaration of Independence?
Benjamin Franklin, John Adams, Roger Sherman, Robert Livingston, and Thomas Jefferson
When the Founders wrote the Declaration of Independence, who were they referring to when they used the word men.
White men with property
What were the reasons the founders explained they were declaring independence?
The rights of people are based on Natural Law. People have the right to abolish government if it violates the Natural Law. The people are consented, allowing the king to govern them. No agreement between the colonies and parliament. The king violated the agreement, depriving the colonies of their rights.
What does the Arguments section of the Declaration of Independence explain?
Reasons why they should break away from the British Government.
Who was assigned to write the first draft of the Declaration of Independence?
Thomas Jefferson
The four parts of the Declaration of Independence are:
Ideals, arguments, complaints, and conclusion
What body voted for, and wrote the Declaration of Independence?
Continental Congress
What does the Ideals section of the Declaration of Independence explain?
The founders explained their beliefs
Define liberty
The freedom to act
In what city did the Continental Congress meet when they wrote and passed the Declaration of Independence?
When was the Declaration of Independence passed?
July 4th, 1776
What words in the Declaration of Independence are Locke's ideas the natural rights of Life, Liberty, and Property connected to?
"with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life liberty and the pursuit of happiness."
What words in the Declaration of Independence demonstrate Locke's ideas about where our natural rights come from?
"that they are endowed by their creator, with certain unalienable rights"