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  1. safety net
  2. factor payments
  3. continuum
  4. firm
  5. free enterprise
  1. a an economic system characterized by private or corporate ownership of capital goods; investments that are determined by private decision rather than by state control; and determined in a free market
  2. b a range with no clear divisions
  3. c the income people receive for supplying factors of production, such as land, labor, or capital
  4. d government programs that protect people experiencing unfavorable outcomes
  5. e an organization that uses resources to produce a product which it then sells

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  1. level of economic prosperity
  2. economic system that relies on habit, custom, or ritual to decide questions of production and consumption of goods and services
  3. the methos used by a society to produce and distribute goods and services
  4. market-based economic system with limited government involvement
  5. deciding whether to do or use one additional unit of some resource (one more or less)

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  1. private propertyto sell state-run firms to individuals


  2. command economyeconomic system in which a central authority is in command of the economy; a centrally planned economy


  3. 5thTechnology


  4. communisma social and political philosophy based on the belief that democratic means should be used to evenly distribute wealth throughout a society


  5. invisible handa person or group of people living in the same residence