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Official inventory is generally included on the balance sheet as as current asset.

Safe Medical Devices Act

The_____requires that the healthcare facility report malfunctions of medical devices that have contributed to patient injury, illness,and/or death to the manufacturer and the FDA.


The largest operating channel of and endoscope is the____ channel.


The inventory control method in which the supplier owns the inventory and does not charge the healthcare facility for it until it is used or lost is referred to as the______method.


which of the following tracking methods provides real time information?

.which of the following statement is correct?

tracking patient care equipment can prevent
equipment shortage

exchange cart

The distribution system which involves replacing a freshly loaded supply cart for an identical cart that has been depleted on a patient unit is____system.

Thermal disinfection is accomplished using:

heated water


A failure Mode and Effects Analysis looks backward at an event to help prevent its reoccurrence.


When markings instruments, engraving is the method of choice.


The Joint Commission uses routine and unannounced inspections to monitor standards in healthcare facilities.


Which of the following requires preventive maintenance standards be established for medical equipment?


Computerized tracking systems are fast, but manual tracking systems ate more effective for tracking data.


Which of the following would be the best choice for high level disinfection of instruments?


Having a low inventory service level would increase customer satisfaction.

case cart

Which of the following systems provides supplies and instruments for individual surgical procedures?


Of the 3 major low temperature sterilants, ozone has the longest instrument turnaround time.


The number of times per year that inventory is purchased, consumed, and replaced is call the inventory turnover rate.

Wicking materials are used to:

allow air removal, steam penetration and facilitate drying


Becuase Central Service does not provide direct patient care, customer satisfaction surveys are of little value as a qulity assurance tool.


which of the following means "beside or near"?


A current asset is an asset that is expected to be used within one year.

the largest number of items and largest dollar value

In a ABC Inventory Control system, "A" items represent:


Products standardization is only important in healthcare facilities where storage space is limited.


A system that keeps track of all incoming and out giong supplies so that quantities of supplies in storage are known at all times, is:

hypothermia unit

This unit pumps heated or cooled water through a coiled pad to therapeutically raise or lower body temperature.

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