Chapter 15 vocabulary cosmetology


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balancing shampoo
Shampoo that washes away excess oiliness from hair and scalp, while preventing the hair from drying out.
clarifying shampoo
Shampoo containing an active chelating agent that binds to metals (such as iron and copper) and removes them from the hair; contains an equalizing agent that enriches hair, helps retain moisture, and makes hair more manageable.
color-enhancing shampoo
Shampoo created by combining the surfactant base with basic color pigments that help to extend the vibrancy of the haircolor while adding hydration for hue intensity.
Special chemical agent applied to the hair to deposit protein or moisturizer to help restore hair strength, infuse moisture, give hair body, or to protect hair against possible breakage.
conditioning shampoo
Also known as moisturizing shampoo; shampoo designed to make the hair appear smooth and shiny and to improve the manageability of the hair.
deep-conditioning treatment
Also known as hair mask or conditioning pack; chemical mixture of concentrated protein and intensive moisturizer.
deionized water
Water that has had impurities, (such as calcium and magnesium and other metal ions that would make a product unstable) removed.
dry shampoo
Also known as powder shampoo; shampoo that cleanses the hair without the use of soap and water.
hard water
Water that contains minerals that reduce the ability of soap or shampoo to lather.
Substances that absorb moisture or promote the retention of moisture.
medicated scalp lotion
Conditioner that promotes healing of the scalp.
medicated shampoo
Shampoo containing special chemicals or drugs that are very effective in reducing dandruff or relieving other scalp conditions.
Product formulated to add moisture to dry hair or promote the retention of moisture.
neutralizing shampoo
Shampoo used for chemically processed or relaxed hair that is designed to re-balance the pH level of the hair by neutralizing any alkali and unwanted residues in the hair; after a chemical interaction, it works to help return the hair to the average pH.
Product that does not remove artificial color from the hair.
pH-balanced shampoo
Shampoo that is balanced to the pH of skin and hair (4.5 to 5.5)
protein conditioner
Product designed to penetrate the cortex and reinforce the hair shaft from within.
scalp astringent lotion
Product used to remove oil accumulation from the scalp; used after a scalp treatment and before styling.
scalp conditioner
Product, usually in a cream base, used to soften and improve the health of the scalp
sulfate-free shampoo
Shampoo that does not contain harsh soap detergents. They are formulated with little to no alkaline soap base; manufactured as wetting agents to be compatible with hair and soft water sources, and generally are known to be sensitive to artificial hair color and to maintaining the natural oils in the hair.
soft water
Rainwater or chemically softened water that contains only small amounts of minerals and, therefore, allows soap and shampoo to lather freely.
spray-on thermal protector
Product applied to hair prior to any thermal service to protect the hair from the harmful effects of blowdrying, thermal irons, or electric rollers.
strengthening shampoo
Shampoo that contains a variety of strengthening and nourishing ingredients and is designed to repair damaged and brittle hair.