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NEW using newly revised frameworks, 2010


the recorded weather conditions of a region which are determined by temperature and meteorological changes over a period of years

Efficiency apartment

a unit with one main room, a small kitchen area, and a bathroom


a legal action that requires tenants to move out before the lease has expired


the position of a house in relation to the sun and the wind

Family life cycle

series of stages through which an average family passes

Interest rate

a fixed quantity or charge for borrowed money, generally a percentage of the amount borrowed


everything about the way a group of people lives


one building that contains two separate living units

Earth sheltered

houses that are partially covered with soil


individually owned housing units in a multi-unit development


a legal document a person signs when agreeing to rent housing for a specified period of time


someone who pays rent to use or occupy property owned by someone else


a person who owns a property and rents it to someone else


everything about the way one person, a couple, or a family chooses to live

Manufactured home

a transportable structure, constructed in a factory, designed to be used as a single family dwelling

Modular home

a home made up of separate boxlike sections that are built in a factory and assembled at the site


part of the convenants or conditions intended to enhance the use of common property which is recorded into the title of each owner

Security deposit

a fee paid by a renter to cover the cost of any future damage that may be caused to the unit


to move out of a rental unit before the lease is up and rent the unit to someone else while retaining legal responsibility for the lease


the application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes such as reaching goals, meeting needs, and solving problems


those who pay rent to occupy property which is owned by someone else

Universal design

designing interiors and home products to accommodate all people with a variety of requirements, needs, and abilities


services such as electric power, gas, water, and telephone

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