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Spanish 3: Impersonal Expressions w/Subjunctive

Match the Spanish expression with its English meaning
Es dudoso que
It's doubtful that
Es genial que
It's great that
Es triste que
It's sad that
No es cierto que
It's not certain that
No es verdad que
It's not true that
Es imposible que
It's impossible that
Es posible que
It's possible that
Es probable que
It's probable that
No es claro que
It's not clear that
Es bueno que
It's good that
Es malo que
It's bad that
Es increíble que
It's incredible that
Es fantástico que
It's fantastic that
Es mejor que
It's best that
Es lamentable que
It's regrettable that
Es una lástima que
It's a shame that
Es interesante que
It's interesting that