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Chapter 6 Vocabulary STATS


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Discrete Random Variable
A random variable that takes a fixed set of possible values with gaps between.
A _____ arises when we perform independent trials of the same chance process and record the number of trials until a particular outcome occurs.
Continuous Random Variable
A random variable that takes on all values in an interval of numbers
Random Variable
A _____ takes numerical values that describe the outcomes of some chance process.
Linear Transformation
A ____ occurs when we add/subtract and multiply/divide by a constant.
Probability Distribution
The _____ of a random variable gives its possible values and their probabilities.
Independent Random Variables
knowing whether an event in X has occurred tells us nothing about the occurance ​​of an event involving Y
Expected Value
The mean of a random variable is called its ______
Binomial Random Variable
the count X of successes in a binomial setting is ____