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Scott guiles P. 81 Version 2009

Left Hemisphere

Language, understand language

Left hemisphere

sequence and perform movements

Left hemisphere

produce written and spoken language
i.e. able to write a sentence, or read a passage or speak about a subject

Left hemisphere

Analytical, Controlled, Logical, Rational

Left hemisphere

Able to perform mathematical calculations
i.e.. 243.87 + 34.989 / 9 = ?

Left hemisphere

Expresses positive emotions such as:
Love, happiness

Left hemisphere

process verbally coded information in an organized logical and sequential manner

Right hemisphere

Non-verbal processing

Right hemisphere

Process information in a Holistic manner

Right hemisphere

Artistic Abilities, General concept of comprehension

Right hemisphere

hand eye coordination

Right hemisphere

Spatial relationships

Right hemisphere

Kinesthetic awareness, Understanding MUSIC and NON-verbal communications (i.e. Body language, Sign language?)

Right hemisphere

Able to perform Mathematical Reasoning

Right hemisphere

Expresses Negative Emotions
i.e. Hate etc..

Right hemisphere

Body Image Awareness

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