General properties of Matter Review

What is meant by the term matter
anything that has mass and volume.
What is meant by the term property
charecterisitcs of a substance.
Describe matter in terms of specific properties
determines diffrent types of matter from another.
Describe matter in terms of general properties
all matter has the four general properties.
Identify four general properties of matter
mass weight volume and density.
Why is the mass of a object is constant whereas weight can change
location does not change mass whereas location does change weight. Gravity also changes weight.
What is the relationship between mass and inertia
mass is a measure of interia. inertia is a risistance to change motion.
define gravity
force of attraction that depends on the mass of two objects and the distance between them. responsible for accelerating and object toward the earth.
define inertia
a resistance to stop or start motion.
define weight
measurement of gravity on a objects mass.
compare mass and weight
mass and weight both measure how heavy.
what is the gravitiational relationship between objects in terms of their masses
the bigger the object the more gravitational pull there is
what is the gravitational relationship btweeen objects in relationship to the distance between them
the farther away an object from the earth the less gravitational pull there is. the closer the object is the more gravitational pull
identify the metric units for mass
identify the metric units for weight
identify the metric units for volume
identify the metric untis for density
define volume
Amount of space an object takes up.
describe matter in terms of mass and volume
from mas and and volume you can find density and all pure objects have a certain density.
define density
measurement of mass is contained in a given volume of an object.
identify the metric units used to express volume
what is the relationship between a millimeter and a cubic centimeter
...they both measure volume
describe why an object sinks of floats in water using the concept of density
...if they are more than one the object will float if the object less than one it will float
what is the formula for detemining density
...D=m over v
what is the density of water
define mass
amount of matter in a object.