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For Idiom Adventure 4-week program

For use with Idiom Adventure textbook, Level E1, 4-week Culture and Conversation program, UCI

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a piece of cake
Learning English isn't ______. It's hard! (U2)
kick the habit
Smoking is bad for your health. You should _____. (U2)
lighten up
You take everything too seriously. You shouldn't stress out. You should ____! (U2)
out of step
My mother told me to use a paper dictionary to look up new words. I told her she was _____ with education today. I just Google it. (U2)
see red
Whenever I hear about people treating a dog or cat badly, I get so angry that I _____. (U2)
to each his own
The diversity in the United States surprises many visitors. Americans believe "____." (U2)
up in arms
A: I don't understand why you are ____ over getting a B instead of an A in the class. B: I worked hard and got As on all my tests. Of course, I deserve an A! (U2)
works himself into a lather
Every time his boss criticizes him, John ______ and says he is going to quit his job. Then he will calm down and keep working. (U2)
get the lead out
Martin moves so slowly. I'm always telling to hurry up and ____. (U4)
go with the flow
Sarah always tries to control all the details when planning anything, even something fun. Her friends tell her to lighten up and just ____. (U4)
time on her hands
Yoko isn't taking classes next quarter. She will have lots of ___ to travel and visit her friends in the US. (U4)
on a roll
A: Did you know Ahmed went to Las Vegas last weekend? B: Really? Did he win any money? A: He said he was ___ until he started losing and then he lost all the money he brought with him. (U4)
run late
Monica always seems to ___. Now I tell her to meet me an hour before the actual time I expect her to be there. (U4)
stay on track
During Christmas, it is hard to ___ with my diet because there is so much good food around me. (U4)
take themselves lightly
Angels can fly because they ____. - G. K. Chesterton (U4)
up to you
You can ask others for help but, in the end, your success or failure is ____. (U4)