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World Music: Middle Eastern


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The Janissary
What is the name of the Persian military band?
The Nevel
A unique instrument that is both a stringed instrument and a drum.
The Qanun is a middle eastern lap harp that has 26 sets of strings. How many strings are in each set?
A swaying motion
What does a "snake charmer" use to "hypnotize" his snake?
The Tanbur
A Middle Eastern lute that has a very long neck to accommodate the 24 note scale from that region.
The Adhan is a call used by Muslims to remind them when it is time to pray. How many times a day can you hear the Adhan?
The Kawala
A Middle Eastern reed flute that is placed at a 45 degree angle from the mouth and the tongue acts as the "fipple" to split the air.
The Cello
The Ghaychak is a Middle Eastern string instrument that is held between the legs of the person playing it, similar to what more familiar instrument?
The Ram
The Shofar is jewish trumpet that is made from the horn of what animal?