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Bacterial metabolism
Bacteria need to respond quickly to changes in their environment
If they have enough of a product, need to stop production because it would be a waste of energy to produce more
gene regulation
ability of an organism to control which genes are transcribed in response to the environment, instead of blocking enzyme function, block transcription of genes for all enzymes in tryptophan pathway
Cells regulate gene transcription......
To vary amount of specific enzymes, turn genes on or off
RNA polymerase binding site, single ........ controls transcription of all genes in opening, transcribes as one unit and a single mRNA is made
Repressible operon
Usually functions in Ana Olin pathway, synthesizing end products
Group of genes together that produce enzymes
Jacob and Monod
The operon model of the regulation of gene expression in bacteria was proposed by _____,IAC operon, coined the phrase "operon"