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World History Chapter 4

this military leader and peacemaker was the last great Egyptian pharaoh. He oversaw a building program of magnificent structures. After his death, Egypt suffered invasions that rendered the empire almost powerless.
Ramses II
This region was located along the Nile, south of Egypt. Several of its kingdoms served as trade and intellectual centers, linking Egypt and the Mediterranean world with the interior of Africa and the Red Sea.
This ruler, known for encouraging the expansion of trade, took power during the New Kingdom to avoid having a child ruler.
These nomads used chariots to invade an Egypt that had been severely weakened and divided by war, ineffective pharaohs, and numerous power struggles. They ruled from about 1640 to 1570 B.C.
This city, located south of Egypt near the Red Sea, was the home of kings as well as an important trade and iron manufacturing center. After about four centuries of prosperity, it was defeated around A.D. 350 by Aksum.
This pharaoh ruled during the New Kingdom and made Egypt a mighty empire. His invasion of Nubia greatly added to the territory and power of the empire.
Thutmose III
This non-Egyptian king overthrew the Libyan dynasty that ruled Egypt and upheld the Egyptian way of life.
This kingdom was long dominated by Egypt but emerged as a regional power after the Egyptian empire declined. Its rulers ousted Egypt's Libyan rulers and governed Egypt until being ousted themselves by the Assyrians.
What was the location of Nebuchadnezzar's hanging gardens, one of the seven wonders of the ancient world?
What great structure was created by forced labor to protect China from attacks by northern nomads?
Great Wall of China
What city became a major center for the manufacture of iron weapons and tools?
Which empire became known for its cruelty to conquered peoples in Mesopotamia, Syria, Palestine, Anatolia, and Egypt?
What famous structure did King Darius build to unite the Persian Empire?
The Royal Road
Which group of nomads invaded Egypt in chariots and ruled Egypt for about 70 years?
Which kingdom saw itself as the guardians of Egyptian civilization after the Libyans were ousted from Egypt?
Which Chinese philosophy stressed that social order, harmony, and good government could be restored by organizing society around five basic relationships?
Which empire was ruled by Cyrus, who was famous for his kind treatment of the peoples he conquered?
Which philosophy was the Qin ruler Shi Huangdi following when he burned "useless" books, created forced labor, and murdered hundreds of scholars?
Which city was restored as the center of an empire 1,000 years after being the center of a different empire?
To restore social order, harmony, and good government, Confucius believed it was necessary for society to be organized around what general category?
Which Persian ruler is as famous for his extraordinary skills as a government administrator as for his military conquests?
Among the conquerors of the ancient world, what was Cyrus famous for?
Tolerance of Diversity
For which peoples were bridges, ladders, and tunnels important elements in their military successes?
What do Daoism and the concept of yin and yang focus on?
The Natural Order
What was the main reason for the Egyptian empire's decline?
opposition from new and powerful enemies
What is the name for the kind of government that Shi Huangdi formed, in which the ruler had unlimited power and used it in an arbitrary manner?
How did Shi Huangdi unify China?
defeats invaders and crushing internal opposition
What was Cyrus like as a ruler?
he was kind toward conquered peoples and revealed a wise and tolerant view of his empire
What necessity caused the Assyrians to develop a strong army?
no natural barriers
The defeat of which group was essential to the creation of the New Kingdom in Egypt?
had to defeat the Hyskos
Which philosopher was known for his emphasis on responsible relationships and respect for parents?
For which ruler discussed in this chapter do you have the most respect? Provide evidence to support your opinion?
I have the most respect for Cyrus; because he was kind to all of his conquered people and wanted peace throughout the empires