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Ethics Quiz 3


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What did Bentham argue that was morality actually for?
it is about making the world as happy as possible
Why was this new concept of morality radical?
because it left out the concept of God
So, what is utilitarianism?
If you are pleasing yourself, then your actions are good.
Four negatives to smoking pot
you can get addicted, it can make you unproductive, mild cognitive damage, bad for your respiratory system
When it comes to animals, utilitarians think that
as long as animals experience happiness or unhapiness then it is unethical to use them for selfish reasons.suffering.
what is speciesm?
the idea that animal interests matter less than human interests
how can classical utilitarianism be summed up?
the morality of an action depends solely on the consequences of the action, the consequences matter only insofar as they involve the greater or lesser happiness of individuals, each individuals happiness gets equal considerations
what conflict with utili?
justice (black man rapes white woman, false witness), rights (woman, assault, nude photos circulated to police), backward looking reasons (set apppt, but then dont want to go) utilitarianism makes the past irrelevant, so it seems innefective
should we be equally concerned for everyone?
utilitarianism is too demanding (seeing a movie but we could use that money for poor countries), it disrupts our personal relationships (you look at people impartially and thus disregard your family)
defenses of uti
utillity is not served by framing innocent people? the principle of utility is a guide for choosing rules not acts (rule utilitarianism vs. act utilitariamisn)we no longer judges acts by their utility but by their conformity with these rules. Common sense is wrong. (