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To respect and like someone because they have done something that you think is good. Ex. Many people _____ The Beatles.
To understand how good or useful someone or something is. Ex. I ______ her beautiful singing.
A professional performer, especially a singer, dancer, or actor. Ex. If you are an ______, you might like to live in New York City.
Group of musicians, especially a group that plays popular music. Ex. There are 4 people in his rock _______.
The words of a song. Ex. The ____ in some songs make me feel sad.
A group of people who come to watch and listen to someone speaking or performing in public. Ex. There were thousands of people in the _______ for concert.
An object used for producing music. Ex. Guitar is an ___________.
A person who writes, sings, or plays music. Ex. her favorite _______ is Beyonce.
To do something to entertain people, like playing a piece of music. Ex. They will _____ at 9 PM tonight.
An important idea that someone is trying to express in a book, movie, song, etc. Ex. Don't quit, work hard, is the song's _______.
A person who likes and admires someone or something (such as a sport or a sports team) in a very enthusiastic way. Ex. I am a huge soccer ______.
Following ideas and methods that have existed for a long time, rather than doing anything new or different. Ex. It is _________to eat turkey on Thanksgiving in the US.
A particular type or category of literature or art. Ex. My favorite music ______ is rock and roll.
get burned out
To work so hard over a period of time that you become unable to continue working because you are tired, ill, etc. Ex. if you study piano everyday for many hours, you may g___ ________ _____.
A regular, repeated pattern of sounds. Ex. She started moving to the ____ of the music.
A loud or strong sound that occurs regularly in music. Ex. a song with a _______ you can dance to.
A type of American music that has a strong beat and parts for performers to play alone. Ex. When I want to relax, I like to listen to ____.
Relating to music in a European tradition that includes opera and symphony and is generally considered more serious than other kinds of music. Ex. Beethoven wrote a lot of famous _________ music.
Type of popular music with a strong loud beat, played using guitars and drums. Ex. When I want to exercise, I like to listen to _____.
A slow sad style of music that came from the southern US. Ex. She listens to the _____ when she's sad.
hip hop
A kind of popular dance music with a regular heavy beat and spoken words. Ex. Eminem is famous for ___ ___ music.
be drawn to
To like or be attracted to something or someone. Ex. I like to b__ d______ t__ songs with a positive message.
The recorded music from a film. Ex. She loves the _______ from the movie Titanic.
sing along
To sing a song together with someone who is already singing or with a recording of the song. Ex. He loves to ____ _____ with the radio.
A public performance of music. Ex. there is a free ___ in the park on Saturday.
download music
To move music from the Internet or from another computer to your computer or phone. Ex. On iTunes you can ____ ____ for a small price.
live performance
Done in front of an audience, rather than recorded. Ex. I saw the singer give a ____ ________ in the park last Saturday.
am into
To like and be interested in something. Ex. these days I ___ ___ jazz music.
hit song
A song that is very popular and successful. Ex. "Gangnam Style" is a ___ ______ from Psy.
Liked or enjoyed by many people. Ex. Michael Jackson first became ______ when he was very young.

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