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Cell, Nucleus, Genes, Chromosomes, and DNA-Valley


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Basic/Smallest unit of life.
Largest organelle in a cell, directs activities, contains DNA acts like the brain of the cell
Deoxyribonucleic acid, organism's genetic instructions
Coiled DNA Thread like structures that are found in the nucleus of a cell
Sections of DNA (specific segment of DNA) that code for specific traits
Where the cell, nucleus, and chromosomes are located.
Inside the cell the largest organelle, the nucleus, can be found, and inside the nucleus are chromosomes.
How many chromosomes do humans have
46 chromosomes or 23 pairs
Chromosomes, genes and DNA are located
in the Nucleus
Half of these come from one parent and half come from the other parent.
is the transfer of traits from one generation to another generation
Gregor Mendel
is known as the "Father of modern genetics".
Inherited traits
is a characteristic or features of one organism that are passed from parent to offspring.
eye color/ hair texture/ face shape
examples of inherited animal traits
Dominant traits
traits that hide other traits when passed on to their offspring
Recessive Traits
show its specific trait when both parents pass the gene to the child
Acquired Traits
is learned traits and is not genetically passed down to offspring.