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Distrusted senses as source of knowledge because easily deceivable - believed inborn knowledge (nativism) - believed reasoning could unlock knowledge (rationalism) - Logical fallacy


Accepted importance of reasoning/accepted sensory experience as knowledge (empiricism) - believed heart was center of mental process - first to write on dreams/sleep/reminiscence and senses

Thomas Aquinas

Idea that soul/mind are separate from each other - soul could exist without body

Rene Decartes

Rationalism - I think therefore I am - inborn knowledge/intellectual abilities from heredity - skepticism

Sir Francis Bacon

Inspired scientific method - favored skepticism/observation and verification of claims

John Locke

Empiricism - nurture in nvs.n - importance of life experience

Immanuel Kant

Compromise between rationalism/empiricism - knowledge is product of inborn facilities that interpret sensory input from environment - dualist who believed mind wasn't tangible/was impossible to study (psych = not a science but philosophy)

Herman von Hemholtz

Created electrical machines, - studied function of vision/hearing/nerve impulses

Paul Broca

Surgeon specialized in brain injuries - discovered specific region of brain on left side = loss of speech

Peirre Florens

Discovered damage to cerebellum caused motor incoordination (idea of localization of functions)

Sigmund Freud

Concerned with mind/consciousness though interviews and description of experience (driven by sex/anger)

William James

Wrote principle that defined psych as naturalistic science of mind - wrote textbook/definition used today

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