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Body Systems and functions


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Organ systems
A group of two or more organs working together for a specific job; e.g. the digestive system
Circulatory System Function
The body system responsible for carrying materials through out the body
Circulatory System Structure
Major organs include heart & blood vessels
Respiratory system function
The body system in which oxygen is brought into the body and carbon dioxide is released; major
Respiratory System Structure
The major organs include nose, trachea, lungs, & diaphragm
Digestive System function
The body system that takes in, breaks down, and absorbs nutrients that are necessary for growth
Digestive System structure
The major organs include stomach, small intestines, large intestines, rectum/anus
Excretory system function
The body system that helps rid the body of wastes, toxins, and excess water
Excretory System structure
Major organs include kidneys, ureters, & bladder
Muscular System function
The body system that supports the body and enables it to move
Muscular System structure
Major organs include skeletal muscles, smooth muscles, and cardiac muscles
Skeletal System function
provides shape and support
allows movement
protects tissues and organs
stores certain materials
produces blood cells
Skeletal System structure
Major organs include the bones
Integumentary System function
The body system that covers and protects the body from the environment
Integumentary System structure
Major organ is the skin and includes hair and nails
Red and white blood cells, platelets, and plasma cells are found in this
The circulatory system is also known an ___________ system.
This system is the body's first layer of defense to fight illnesses
Where the oxygen and carbon dioxide exchange occurs

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