AP Gov chapters 1-4

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a political culture exists where
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the founders did not include in the US constitution an explicit statement of state powers but added it late inthe tenth amendmentthe interstate commerce that the federal government can regulate is now interpreted to includealmost any kind of economic activityin the case US v. Lopez (1995), the supreme court rule that congress overstepped its power to regulate commerce by prohibiting _____________ in a school zonegunsthis procedure, which is in effect in over 20 states, permits voters to remove an elected official from officerecallwhen a locality is required by federal law to do something, regardless of whether i receives federal funding for that purpose, this duty is called amandatethe term intergovernmental lobby is used in the text to refer to lobbying activists bystate and local officials at the national governmentA categorical grant is a transfer of federal funds designed forspecific purposesto qualify for certain federal highway funds, states must allow drivers to make a legal right-hand turn after stopping at a red light. this requirement by the federal government is known as acondition of aidthe Republican effort to pass on to the states many federal functions is known asdevolutionthe theory that all interests are and should be few to compete for influence in government, resulting in healthy democratic compromise and balance, is calledpluralismindividuals have power when they are able toget other to do what they want them to doBy authority, the authors meanthe right to use powerformal authority refers to a right to exercise power that is dever from agovernmental officetoday, a primary source of legitimate political authority in the united states is theUS Constitutionall of the following are requirements for representative democracy except thatpolitical resources must be distributed in a roughly equal mannerwhich of the following is a basic tenet of elite theorydecisions are mad by multinational corporations and the wealthyKarl Marx is associated with the view that elites reflecta dominant social classThe pluralist view of power focuses ona large number of governmental interests and organized intereststhe trouble with trying to infer the distribution of political power from examining the laws on the books is thatlaws may be bacteria in a great variety of circumstancesthe principal goal of the American Revolution waslibertyan inalienable right is one that is based onnature and Providencethe (original) purpose of the Constitutional Convention of 1787 was toconsider revisions of the Articles of ConfederationShay's Rebellion, an early test of the powers of the Articles of Confederation, took place inMassachusettsThe central issue in the framing of the U.S. Constitution was that ofhow strong to make the national governmentThe Great Compromise finally allocated representation on the basics ofpopulation in the House and statehood equality in the Senatedividing power between the states and the national government is referred to asfederalismthose powers that are given to the national government exclusively are _______ powersenumeratedgenerally, the Antifederalists felt that the government created by the US Constitution wastoo strong and too centralizedin which notable Federalist paper does James Madison warn the danger of factionsFederalist No. 10