American Literature Time Periods


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Puritan time period
Puritan period literature
-histories, journals , personal poems, sermons, and diaries
- utilitarian , personal , religious
- influence by Puritan ideals and values
Romanticism time period
Romanticism literature
-a literary and artistic movement
- reaction to the Neoclassicism era
- fancy, imagination, emotion, nature , individuality, and exotica
- frontier life
Transcendentalism time period
Transcendentalism Literature
- an American literary and philosophical movement of the nineteenth century
- originating from New England they believed in intuition and the individual conscience are guides to truth better than logic and reason
- respects the individual spirit and natural world
- divinity is present everywhere
- did not believe that man is good
Fireside Poets
wrote about the practical aspects of life such as dying and patriotism
-is the presentation of actual life
- the actual as opposed to the imagined and fanciful
- against romanticism, heroism, adventurous , unusual, or unfamiliar
Native Americans
Native Americans
-Oral tradition of songs and stories
-original authors unknown
-written accounts come after colonization
-include creation stories, myths, totems
-archetypes of trickster and conjurer
-focuses on the natural world
-importance of land and place
Puritan Literature Author
Jonathan Edwards
Romanticism Writers
-Cooper , Poe, Thoreau, Emerson, Dickinson, Hawthorne, and Melville
Transcendentalist writers
- Ralph waldo emerson, David Thoreau, Bronson Alcott, W. H. Channing, Margaret Fuller, and Elizabeth Peabody
Anti-transcendentalist writer
- Hawthorne
Realism writers
Bret Harte , Sarah Orne Jewett, Mark Twain , Henry James
Colonial time Period
Colonial Literature Period
literature of this period was dominated by the Puritans and their religious influence
colonial period writers
Williams Bradford
Anne Bradstreet
jonathan Edwards
Phillis Wheatley
Olaudah Equiano
Revolutionary time Period
Revolutionary Literary Period
writers focused on explaining and justifying the American Revolution
Representative Authors
Benjamin Franklin
Patrick Henry
Thomas Paine
Thomas Jefferson
Abigail Adams