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Paid office rent for April
DR Rent Expense, CR Cash
Purchased equipment on account
DR Equipment, CR Accounts Payable
Received cash on account from customers
DR Cash, CR Accounts Receivable
Purchased supplies on account
DR Supplies, CR Accounts Payable
Paid cash to creditors on account
DR Accounts Payable, CR Cash
Paid cash to renew a six-month property insurance policy
DR Prepaid Insurance, CR Cash
Record insurance expired for the month
DR Insurance Expense, CR Prepaid Insurance
Paid salaries for the week
DR Salary Expense, CR Cash
Paid various utilities
DR Utility Expense, CR Cash
Recorded cash fees earned this week
DR Cash, CR Fees Earned
Withdrew cash for personal use
DR Drawing, CR Cash
Billed customers for services
DR Accounts Receivable, CR Fees Earned
Recorded depreciation on equipment
DR Depreciation Expense, CR Accumulated Depreciation-Equipment
Accrued fees earned but not recorded as of the end of the month
DR Accounts Receivable, CR Fees Earned
Wages accrued but not paid at the end of the month
DR Wages Expense, CR Wages Payable
Adjust supplies to reflect actual amount on hand
DR Supplies Expense, CR Supplies
Adjust unearned fees to recognize services delivered
DR Unearned Fees, CR Fees Earned
Record additional investment by owner
DR Cash, CR Capital