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What combines to make up membranes?

Epithelia and connective tissues

Name 4 types of membranes.

1) Mucous
2) Serous
3) Cutaneous
4) Synovial

Mucous Membrane

Mucous membranes are coated with the secretions of mucous glands. They line most of the digestive and respiratory tracts and portions of the urinary and reproductive tracts. Line passageways that communicate with exterior

Serous Membrane

Line ventral body cavities (pleural, peritoneum, pericardium); transparent, thin, prevents friction

Cutaneous Membrane

The skin; covers the outer surface of the body. In contrast to serous or mucous membranes, the cutaneous membrane is thick, relatively waterproof, and usually dry.

Synovial Membrane

Line join cavities (articulations) and produces the synovial fluid within the joint. the synovial fluid lubricates the cartilages in the joint, distributes oxygen and nutrients, and cushions shocks at the joint.

Serous Membranes

1) Thin, transparent- simple squamous epithelium + areolar
2) Attached to the body wall & organs they cover - ventral body cavity
3) Minimizes friction
* Lines open body cavities that are closed to the exterior of the body
* Serous layers separated by serous fluids

What are the 3 serous membranes?


Pleural Membrane



Balloon Example

Outer wall is comparable to parietal serosa
Air is comparable to serous fluid
Inner Wall is comparable to visceral serosa

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