APUSH Chapter 4: American life in the 17th Century

What made the Chesapeake colony so unhealthy?
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List the social classes of the south in descending order or powerGreat Planters, Small farmers, Landless whites, Indentured servants, Black slavesWhy was the family the center of New England life?New Englanders migrated as families and the people were very fertile.What rights did women have in southern society? Northern society?In the South, Women retained a separate title to their property and inherited husband's estates. In the North, they had secure provision for property rights of widows and extended important protections to women within marriagesEducation in New England society- How come more than half of New England settlers could read and write?Towns of more than 50 families were required to provide elementary education. Colleges built in 1636.What were Jeremiads and why were they becoming prevalent in mid-7th century N.E.?They were named after the prophet Jeremiah and they scolded parishioners for their waning piety. They were becoming prevalent because the puritans were being spread out and conversions were less often.What was the halfway covenant?It modified the agreement of the church and the adherents to admit to baptism but not full communion. The children of baptized but not yet converted existing membersWhat occurred in the salem witchcraft trials and what does it illustrate about New England society?A group of young girls claimed they were bewitched by older women. It ensued a witch hunt and led to the lynching of 20 individuals and 2 dogs. It illustrates a socioeconomic issue between people with lots of money and those withoutWhy didn't slavery take root in New England like it did in the south?It could not profit on the small farms and slavery could not be sustained.What other industries existed in colonial new England?hunting, fishing, livestock, shipbuilding