Survival Spanish

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Tengo una preguntaI have a questionComprendo/EntiendoI understandNo comprendo/No entiendoI don't understandNo séI don't know¿Qué es esto?What is this?¿Qué página?What page?Más despaciomore slowly¿Hay tarea?Is there homework?¿Cuál es la tarea?What is the homework?¿Cómo se dice (English word) en español?How do you say (English word) in Spanish?¿Qué quiere decir (Spanish word) en inglés?What does (Spanish word) mean in English?¿Me permite...?May I...(Would you allow me...)? al baño? go to the bathroom?ir al armario/casillero? go to my locker?...hablar inglés? speak English?¿Me presta...?Can you loan me...?...un lápiz?...a pencil?...un bolígrafo?...a pen?...una hoja de papel?...a piece of paper?abre/abranopensaca/saquenget out, take outguarda/guardenkeep, put awayvamos a...we are going carpetafoldertomar apuntesto take notes¿me ayuda?Would you help me?No tengoI don't have

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