Chapter 2

The term ____ designates equipment that might be added to a computer system to enhance its functionality.
peripheral device
A ____ computer is a small, lightweight personal computer with screen, keyboard, storage, and processing components integrated into a single unit.
A(n) ____ is a small form factor tablet computer designed to run most of the software available for larger portable computers.
ultra-mobile PC
A ____ computer is a portable computing device featuring a touch-sensitive screen that can be used as a writing or drawing pad.
A(n) ____ tablet configuration resembles a high-tech clipboard and lacks a built-in keyboard.
A ____ computer is also referred to as a laptop computer.
In the context of computing, a(n) ____ is a custom, hand-built modification to a computer system component.
A processor that includes circuitry for two or more processing units is called a ____ processor.
____ are the results of a series of tests used to gauge overall microprocessor speed and are useful in comparing microprocessor performance.
____ is a temporary holding area for data, application program instructions, and the operating system.
Unlike disk storage, most RAM is ____.
RAM speed is often expressed in ____.
____ is the most popular type of RAM because it is fast and relatively inexpensive.
ROM BIOS is a small set of instructions that tells the computer ____.
how to access the hard disk, how to load the operating system into RAM, and where to find the operating system
A ____ chip is a type of non-volatile memory chip that does not require power to hold data.
____ time is the average time it takes a computer to locate and read data on the storage medium.
____ is the ability of a device to "jump" directly to the requested data.
Random access
Hard disk storage technology can be classified as ____ storage.
Personal computer hard disk platters typically have storage capacities ranging from 40 GB to ____.
1 TB
Hard disk drive capacities are measured in ____.
gigabytes and terabytes
Solid state storage, also called flash memory storage, ____.
provides faster access to data than optical storage technology
A ____ is a touch-sensitive surface on which you can slide your fingers to move the on-screen pointer.
____ is an example of a pointing device.
joysticks, touchscreens, mouse
Tablet computers, many PDAs, UMPCs, retail store self-checkouts, and information kiosks collect input from
pointing stick
Notebook computers use a flat panel ____ screen that is attached to the system unit.
____ screen technology creates an on-screen image by illuminating miniature colored fluorescent lights arrayed in a panel-like screen.
The number of colors a monitor can display is referred to as ____.
color depth
A printer's ____ determines how many pages a printer is able to churn out.
duty cycle
A ____ printer can print on both sides of the paper.
____ is the most widely used language for communication between computers and printers.
A ____ is a sudden increase or spike in electrical energy, affecting the current that flows to electrical outlets.
power surge
Which of the following are examples of tracking and recovery software?
Lojack for Laptops, LaptopLocate, and CyberAngel.
To reboot a PC, hold down the ____ keys at the same time.
Ctrl, Alt, and Del
The system unit is the case that holds the main circuit boards, microprocessor, power supply, and storage devices of a personal computer system.
You can easily identify the microprocessor when looking inside a computer, as it is the only chip on the motherboard.
Fast front side bus moves data quickly and allows the processor to work at full capacity.
All other things being equal, a computer with a 933 MHz processor is faster than a computer with a 2.6 GHz processor.
A RISC processor has a complex instruction set, each requiring several clock cycles for execution.
Currently, hard drive capacity is measured in gigabytes (GB) or terabytes (TB).
The speed of CD, DVD and Blu-ray drives are all measured on the same scale, based upon the original 1.2 megabits per second data transfer rate of the first CD drives.
A card reader is a storage device that is used to read from and write to solid state storage cards, like SecureDigital (SD) and CompactFlash cards.
An ink jet printer has a nozzle-like print head that sprays ink onto paper to form characters and graphics.
Digital technology has helped us develop a better appreciation for privacy.
Semiconductor materials are substances with properties between those of a conductor,like copper, and an insulator, like wood.
Trojans are computer programs that seem to perform one function while actually doing something else.
The first digital computer was developed for conducting the census.
MySpace and Facebook are examples of social networks.
An operating system is an example of application software.
The purpose of a server is to serve computers on a network.
In the binary number system, 2 is used to represent the value 2.
A compiler converts all statements in a program to machine language in a single batch.