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Mr. Smith Goes to Washington


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How does Mr. Smith gain his Senate seat?
The Governor's children tell him to appoint Mr. Smith, so he flips a coin that lands on edge next to a newspaper article on Mr. Smith
Mr. Smith is the head of the ________________
Boy Rangers
Mr. Smith says he is going to ______________ before the Senate convenes
Mount Vernon
Mr. Smith has _________________'s desk in the Senate
Daniel Webster
Mr. Smith introduces the _______________ bill
National Boys Camp
What is Mr. Smith's bill in conflict with?
A dam being built in Willett Creek
Where will the National Boys Camp be held?
Willett Creek
_________________ is backing Senator Paine from the home state
Jim Taylor or Mr. Smith's father?
What is Mr. Smith accused of on the Senate floor?
Owning land in Willett Creek to use it for personal profit
_____________ accuses Mr. Smith
Senator Paine
How do the people back home hear of Smith's filibuster?
Radio and newspapers
"______________" was the name of the Boy Rangers newspaper
Boy Stuff
What 3 things does Mr. Smith read during his filibuster?
- Bible
- Declaration of Independence
- Constitution
What 2 things does Mr. Smith go to see on his first day in Washington?
- Lincoln Memorial
- National Mall
Senator who died
Sam Foley
____________ replaced Sam Foley
Jefferson Smith
___________ was replaced by Jefferson Smith
Sam Foley
Senior Senator
Joe Paine
Mr. Smith's father printed ______________
Mr. Smith's father worked with _________________
Joe Paine
Mr. Smith's secretary
Clarissa Saunders
Senior Senator's daughter
Susan Paine
____________ was used to distract Mr. Smith from hearing a bill
Susan Paine
Political Boss
Jim Taylor
Jim Taylor's enforer
Chick McGann
Appointed Jefferson Smith
Governor Hopper
Practices used to get illict gains in politics or business
___________ can be found on capitol dome
Lady Liberty
A roll call to determine if a quorum is present in Senate
Quorum call
Quorum in Senate is ______
Bill that appropriates supplementary funds to meet a deficiency
Deficiency bill
Senate majority leader
Senate minority leader
Boys who run errands
Mr. Smith was entranced with the ____________ when he first got to DC