Which diseases do you think are the worst? Why? Do you think the American healthcare system is good? Do you think that alternative or traditional medicine has benefits? Describe a health problem. What are the symptoms and treatment? Do you think it is okay for pharmaceutical companies to advertise their drugs on TV?

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Measles is a very __________ disease. = when a disease can be passed by touch or through the air
Some people have a better ________ to diseases than others. = the ability to fight off a disease
He was _________ to a virus. = come into contact with
There was an _________ of measles at Disneyland. = the number of times something happens
They discussed how the disease is ________. = moved from one person to another
It took him a long time to ________ from the surgery. = get better (idiom = get back on one's feet)
The government is urging people to _________ their children. = give someone a shot that has a weak form of a virus so that they cannot get that disease in the future
Cancer is a terrible ________. = serious kind of health problem that last a long time and often can kill someone.
Her friend died of _______. = a very serious disease in which cells in one part of the body start to grow in a way that is not normal.
She has to be very careful about what she eats because she has _________. = a serious disease in which there is too much sugar in your blood
She had __________ on her knee. = when a doctor cuts open your body to repair or remove something inside
You need a ______ for this medicine. =a piece of paper on which a doctor writes what medicine a sick person should have
A fever is a _______ of the disease. = something wrong with your body or mind which shows that you have a particular illness
There is no ______ for cancer. =a medicine or medical treatment that makes an illness go away
There are several __________ for cancer. = something that people do to help someone who is ill
There is an _______ drug. = a new thing that people are trying but has not been shown to be 100% effective.
Measles is a _______ disease. = something that can be stopped
He is ______. = when a person cannot see
She is ______. = when a person cannot hear
He damaged a _______ in his back. = part of the body that look like a thread and carry messages between the brain and other parts of the body
He got an infection from some ________. = very small living things, some of which cause illness or disease; treatable by anti-biotics
She felt ________. = feeling unable to stand steadily
________ is one treatment for cancer. = the use of drugs to control and try to treat cancer
physical therapy
She had to do _________ for several months after her accident. = special exercises, rubbing, heat etc to treat medical conditions and problems with muscles
They are trying to ________ that disease. = to completely get rid of something that is unnecessary or unwanted
Some people donate their ________. =a part of the body, such as the heart or lungs, that has a particular purpose
He got a heart ________. = moving an organ, etc from one person's body to another as a form of medical treatment
He has a ______ problem. = a large organ in your body that produces bile and cleans your blood
He had a _______ attack. = the organ in your chest which pumps blood through your body
Smoking damages people's ______. = the organs in your body that you breathe with
She needs a new ______. = one of the two organs in your lower back that separate waste products from your blood and make urine
red blood cells
She has a problem with her _____. = one of two kinds of cells that carry oxygen
white blood cell
She has a low _____ count. =one of the cells in your blood which fights against infection
She has _______. = a contagious bacterial infection that involves the lungs.
She caught ______ while traveling in India. = a serious disease spread by mosquitoes and that cause fever, chills
He is _______ from the neck down. = unable to move part or all of your body or feel it
There are many _____ athletes. = someone who is unable to move the lower part of their body, including their legs
He took some ________ for about a week . =a drug that is used to kill bacteria and cure infections
She took a ________. = a harmless substance (like a sugar pill) given to a sick person instead of medicine, without telling them it is not real
He has ______. = a condition when someone can't sleep
She is a _______. = a doctor that helps children.
He is a ______. = a doctor that specializes in heart problems.
She is a _______. = a doctor that specializes in skin problems.
His father has _______. = a disease that affects the brain, especially of old people, and that gradually makes it difficult to move, talk, or remember things
He had a _______. = when an artery (=tube carrying blood) in their brain suddenly bursts or becomes blocked, so that they may die or be unable to use some muscles:
He has ______. = a serious illness in which your muscles become very weak and your arms and legs shake
His grandmother has _____. = a disease that causes the joints of your body to become swollen and very painful
He got an _______. = a disease that affects a particular part of your body and is caused by bacteria or a virus
He caught a _______ while traveling. =a very small living thing that makes you sick
birth defect
He was born with a _______. = something wrong with a baby when it is born
She had ______ as a child. = a medical condition that causes difficulties in breathing
He has ________. =a medical condition affecting your brain, that can make you suddenly become unconscious or have seizures
Some people are ______ to that disease. = when a person cannot catch a disease because their body stops it
The rash ________ all over his body. = when something it becomes larger or moves so that it affects a larger area
People with epilepsy of get __________. = when a person's body shakes uncontrollably; can cause brain damage
He works for a ________ company. =relating to the production of drugs and medicines
She doesn't have any health _______. = when you a every month and they pay the costs if something bad happens,
immune system
Her ____________ is very weak now. = the way your body protects itself against disease
The disease _________ the immune system. = causes damage to something
She was ___________ with cancer. = to find out what illness someone has, or what the cause of a fault is, after doing tests, examinations
Some people were ________ to prevent the disease from spreading. = to keep a person separate from others for a period of time in case they are carrying a disease
She was _______ for several days. = when someone is taken to and stays at a hospital for two or more days.
Many people are interested in _______ medicine in the U.S. = other types of treatment not using Western drugs and surgery
He went to a ______ to help him with back pain. = someone who treats physical problems using adjustments to bones and massage.
______ is a traditional Chinese treatment that is also used in the U.S. = a treatment for pain and disease that involves pushing special needles into parts of the body:
She put an _______ on his skin because he had a burn. = a soft cream that you rub into your skin, especially as a medical treatment
Many people from traditional cultures use _______ medicines. = the practice of treating illness using plants
Some people prefer natural _______ to Western medicine. = a medicine to cure an illness or pain that is not very serious
______ is a side effect of this drug. = the feeling that you want to throw up (vomit)
side effects
Drug companies have to list all the ______ in their advertisements. = things that happen to your body after you take medicine in addition to curing pain or illness; usually not good
Some people smoke marijuana to _____ pain. = to reduce someone's pain or unpleasant feelings
He had radiation _________ to treat his cancer. = the treatment of an illness or injury over a fairly long period of time
She had a ______ all over her body. = a lot of red spots on someone's skin, caused by an illness
He has ______ back problems. = a kind of disease or health problem that continues for a long time and cannot be cured
She prefers _______ medicine to alternative medicine. = the usual form of medicine practiced in most European and North American countries [= western medicine]; using drugs and surgery.
The doctors ______ on his knee. = when a doctor cuts a person open to fix something (similar to surgery).
came down
She _______ with the flu last week. = start to feel sick
clean bill of health
The doctor gave her a ________. = when the doctor tells you that you are healthy and have no problems (idiom)
under the weather
She is a bit _______. = not feeling well; has a cold or the flu (idiom)
get over
It's take me a long time to _______ this cold. = feel better; recover from being sick
There was a flu ______ last year. = a large number of cases of a disease that happen at the same time
There was an _____ of measles this year. = when a illness suddenly starts to happen
death's door
He was at ______. = very ill and close to death
She was in a ______. = a special hospital for people who are dying
The doctors removed the ______. = a mass of diseased cells in your body that divide, increase, and damage people's organs.
Some types of diabetes are ______. = the adjective of gene, which means the part of a cell in a living thing that controls what it looks like, how it grows, and how it develops. People get their genes from their parents
He has a _____ disease. = cannot be cured, and causes death
_______ is legal in some states. = the deliberate killing of a person who is very ill and going to die, in order to stop them from suffering
People with cancer _____ a lot. = to experience physical or mental pain
It took three months for my arm to heal after I broke it. = when a wound or a broken bone grows back and becomes healthy again.

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