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caer--to fall

yo caigo

distinguir--to distinguish

yo distingo

hacer--to do/to make

yo hago

poner--to put/to place

yo pongo

salir--to leave/to go out

yo salgo

traer--to bring

yo traigo

valer--to be worth

yo valgo

dirigir--to direct/manage

yo dirijo

escoger--to choose

yo escojo

exigir--to demand

yo exijo

proteger--to protect

yo protejo

conducir--to drive

yo conduzco

conocer--to know

yo conozco

crecer--to grow

yo crezco

obedecer--to obey

yo obedezco

parecer--to seem

yo parezco

producir--to produce

yo produzco

traducir--to translate

yo traduzco

caber--to fit

yo quepo

saber--to know

yo sé

ver--to see

yo veo

reconocer--to recognize

yo reconozco

deshacer--to undo

yo deshago

rehacer--to re-make/ re-do

yo rehago

aparecer--to appear

yo aparezco

desaparecer--to disappear

yo desaparezco

componer--to make up/to fix

yo compongo

oponer--to oppose

yo opongo

proponer--to propose

yo propongo

suponer--to suppose

yo supongo

atraer--to attract

yo atraigo

contraer--to contract

yo contraigo

distraer--to distract

yo distraigo

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