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to not hesitate to

no dudar en

to agree to do something

quedar en

to amuse oneself with

entretenerse con

to approach

acercarse a

to arrange to meet with

quedar con

to ask for


to attend

asistir a

to be married for # years

llevar # años de casados

to be x kilometers from here

estar a x kilómetros de aquí

to be very scared of

tener mucho miedo de

to be a fan of

ser aficionado/a a

to be about to

disponerse de

to be about, to deal with

tratarse de

to be acquainted with something/a person

conocer a

to be affected by

estar afectado/a por

to be allergic to

ser alérgico/a a

to be ashamed of

tener vergüenza de

to be contented/satisfied with

contentarse con

to be fed up with, to be sick of

estar harto/a de

to be for sale

estar a la venta

to be happy about

alegrarse de

to be in agreement

estar de acuerdo

to be in charge of

encargarse de

to be in fashion

estar de moda

to be in good shape

estar en buena forma

to be informed, to be up to date

estar al tanto, estar al día

to be jealous of

tener celos de

to be on a diet

estar a dieta

to be on vacation

estar de vacaciones

to be surprised about

sorprenderse de

to be under control

estar bajo control

to begin to

comenzar a, empezar a

to believe in

creer en

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