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Eye, Ocular Adnexa, Auditory, and Operating Microscope

Keratoplasty (a)

Surgical repair of he cornea

Evisceration (f)

Pulling the viscera outside the body through an incision

Enucleation (b)

Removal of an eye

Exenteration (e)

Removal of an organ all in one piece

Cataract (c)

Opaque covering on or in the lens

Sclera (g)

White outer portion of the eyeball

Conjunctiva (d)

Lining of the eyelids and covering of the sclera

Uveal (h)

Vascular tissue of the choroids, ciliary body, and iris

Tarsorrhaphy (i)

Suturing together of the eyelids

Ocular adnexa (j)

Orbit, extraocular muscles, and eyelid

Anterior segment (g)

Parts of the eye in the front of and including the lens, orbit, extraocular muscles, and eyelid

Posterior segment (c)

Parts of the eye located behind the lens

Blephar/o- (k)

Prifix meaning eyelid

Cor/o- (l)

Prifix meaning pupil

Cyclo/o- (f)

Prefix meaning ciliary body or eye muscle

Dacry/o- (b)

Prefix meaning tear/tear duct

Kerat/o- (d)

Prefix meaning cornea

Ocul/o- (a)

prefix meaning eye

Dracryocyst/o- (h)

Prefix meaning pertaining to the lacrimal sac

Vitre/o- (e)

Prefix meaning pertaining to the vitreous body of the eye

Astigmatism (j)

Condition in which the refractive surfaces of the eyes are unequal

Strabismus (i)

Extraocular muscle deviation resulting in unequal visual axes

Aural atresia (g) (Auditory System Terminology)

Congenital absence of the external auditory canal

Transmastoid antrostomy (m)

Called a simple mastoidectomy, it creates an opening in the mastoid for drainage

Labyrinth (n)

Inner connecting cavities, such as the internal ear

Typanic neurectomy (f)

Excision of the tympanic nerve

Fenestration (h)

Creation of a new opening (e.g., on the inner wall of the middle ear)

Parts of the external ear (b)

Auricle, pinna, external acoustic and meatus

Parts of the middle ear (i)

Malleus, incus, and stapes

Part of the inner ear (e)

Vestible, semicircular canals, and cochlea

Mastoid- (k)

Prefix meaning posterion temporal bone

Myring- (o)

Prefix meaning eardrum

Audi- (a)

Prefix meaning hearing

Exostosis (j)

A bony growth

Oto- (c)

Prefix meaning ear

Salping/o- (d)

Prefix meaning (eustachian) tube

Apicectomy (l)

Excision of a prortion of the temporal bone

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