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Ecology Quiz (ecological niche)

Ecological niche in Ecology for NCEA level 2
Ecological niche
The specific role a species has in its environment
Abiotic factors
the non-living parts of an ecosystem (e.g. Rain, wind, sun, temperature)
Biotic factors
living parts of an ecosystem (e.g. competition, predation, disease)
Tolerance range
the range of conditions that an oragnism can survive in
Optimum range
Range in which a species will thrive
active at night
Active during the day
active at dawn and dusk
Structural adaptations
a physical feature of an organism's body having a specific function that contributes to the survival of the organism
physiological adaptations
Chemical processes an organism uses to survive
Behavioral adaptations
changes in an animal's behavior that help it survive
True or false? different species often occupy the same niche in a specific habitat
Optimum range
Organism will experience physiological stress if outside this range
Tolerance range
Organism will die if outside this range