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The Neolithic Revolution

the time period before writing
paleolithic period
a long period from 2 million B.C to 10,000 B.C, also known as the Old Stone Age
neolithic period
from 10,000 B.C to the end of prehistory, also known as the New Stone Age
early humans
Who lived in the Old Stone Age?
people who moved from place to place to find food
hunters, gatherers
People of the Old Stone age were ____________ and ____________, they survived by hunting and gathering food.
hunting, fishing
What did men of the Old Stone Age do?
gathered berries, fruits, grains, and nuts
What did women and children of the Old Stone Age do?
environment, survive
Early people depended heavily on their ____________ for food and shelter and had to find ways to _________ in the wilderness.
stone, bone, wood
Early people built tools and weapons from...
Early people built _______ for cooking.
animal skins
What did early people use for clothing?
cave drawings
People of the Stone Age also developed religious beliefs that were discovered in _______ ______________.
beliefs that the world was full of spirits and forces that lived in animals, objects, and dreams
when people began to farm
When did the New Stone Age begin?
produce their own food and settle into permanent farming villages
What did farming allow people to do?
Neolithic Revolution
the transition from nomadic life to settled farming
In addition to farming what did people learn how to do?
to raise and control plants and animals for human use
because it gave people an endless supply of food
Why was domestication important?
food, clothing, shelter
What were animals used for in the Neolithic period?
First villages were established at Catalhuyuk and Jericho. Men came to dominate family, economic, and political life. Only men could become warriors, chiefs, businessmen, and head of the house. New technologies developed that made life easier, such as the wheel barrow and the grinding bowl.
What were the three big changes of the Neolithic Revolution?
cities, civilizations
The advances in technology and culture made during the Neoltihic Revolution led to the emergence of great _________ and ________________.
Civilizations would soon arise along the great ________ of the world.