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butterfly needle

also known as a "winged infusion set." A modified venipucture needle that is shorter in length, is held by its "butterfly wing," and has tubing attached to the posterior portion of the needle that can be attached to a needle holder or syringe.


a small blood vessel that connects arterioles and venules. Contains a mixture of arterial and venous blood.

capillary puncture

the puncture of a capillary for the purpose of collecting a blood specimen.


puncturing the lateral portion of the heel in an infants in order to collect a blood specimen. This may only be done on infants that are not yet walking.


a subcutaneous mass of blood at the venipuncture sight. Also known as a bruise.


a sharp, piercing device used to puncture a finger or heel in order to obtain a capillary specimen.


a blood collection system used with capillary puncture.

point of care(POS) testing

laboratory tests that can be performed at the patients bedside, rather that sending the specimen to the lab for testing. Requires a very small amount of specimen.


an instrument with a needle used for drawing blood from a vein;.

transfer device

mechanical device used to assist in the transfer of blood from a syringe into the specimen tubes.

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